Cold conditions but find the shoal and you can still get a bag of fish. Carp still showing although they should be in hibernation remember to fine down the end tackle for winter conditions as water is gin clear if you can see it so can the fish. Ask Mike at tackle shop on winter tactics and hot pegs and you will be rewarded with a good day. MatchLake has had another stocking of fish and a large stocking of silver fish is under way, this means February and March should see plenty of action. 20170108_145116 20170108_145114 20170108_144734 20170108_144720

Despite having to clear ice Sunday’s  Legacy Tackle match was won by “Bagger” with 23.5lb (mainly carp), second Wayne Harrison 10.2lb and third Peter Aldo  with 2.1lb.

Pleasure fishing March Hutch  also landed a decent bag of fish on Sunday after clearing his peg of ice

20170108_152908 20170108_152901

New stocks of silvers will get the winter fishing floats moving.


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