We hosted two matches this weekend and both lakes had carp showing in abundance. Sunderland Freshwater Angling Club sat in a cold gale and pulled out some nice fish.

Mick Doyle was first with 31lb 10oz of mainly carp caught on corn over fishery micros.

Mick Doyle with one of his fine examples of carp he netted

Mick Doyle with one of his fine examples of carp he netted

20170226_150431 20170226_150423

Second was Ian Foster with 9lb 6 oz, third Andy McNeil with 8lb 12oz and fourth Roger turner with 5lb

Legacy Tackle had their knock up, with Bagger coming first, weighing at 17lb 14oz20170226_145154 20170226_145138


Mark C with 10lb 6oz,  Aaron with 7lb14oz and Lukewith 5lb. Again quite a lot of carp coming out20170226_144857 20170226_144933 20170226_145424(1)

Charlie Young from Chester le Street fished our silver lake (woodpecker) in probably the worst winds of the year and had a cracking net of silvers. Unfortunately breaking his number seven section to the wind. He netted 25lb 5oz and would have had a lots more if he had not had gale force winds to contend with. Not a bad net for February

20170226_154040 20170226_154024 20170226_153950 20170226_153921 20170226_153900

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