Weird month of changing weather, and this is supposedly our summer? We can not win we complain when its to bright  – we complain when its to windy – and we complain when its raining, so we are really stuffed when we get all of these in one day. This does not seem to be putting the fish off as our record books show. The top rod this week is Steve Baker with 22 trout falling to eggs and a variety of dry’s. Next is Brian Dawson with a very respectable 16 trout on Brian’s own special tied fly’s (I have seen them and great use of colour and pattern – unfortunately Brian would kill me if I divulged his special patterns / although you could try to bribe me) next is Davy Parks with a good 14 trout and he had two days with the same result. Davy used emerges and CDC. Top patterns this week are: CDC, Suspenders, Daddies, and the good old buzzer.

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