At this time of year, all of our lakes are producing good bags of fish, early mornings and late afternoons being the most productive. The match lake producing good bags with expanders over 2mm, Meat is also producing good bites and don’t forget paste. Woodpecker always produces on maggot but feed, feed and feed. Little and often will have the water boiling with all species competing, don’t be worried about putting in 2 to 3 pints as you will not over feed. All baits working on Blackbird but try feeding your margins with good handfuls of dead maggots (these can be killed with either freezing or just pour boiling water over them). You will soon find the carp churning up the bottom as they graze over the dead maggots. You can then drop your hook bait comprising of 2 to 5 maggots on a size 14 or 12 hook and  hold on as the carp take off.

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