Winter months are usually hard and we would suggest to all of our angler to target the silvers as that normally is the only sport available, but this year the carp seam to have not gone into their usual hibernation and are readily coming to the hook. Again David Beston has been out on the bank and has sent in his report. Please see below

Fished today from peg 18 on blackbird fished the morning with a maggot feeder and didn’t really produce anything so after dinner I switched to pole and 4mm pellets and the carp started to play caught 6 one was prob 8lb so couldn’t put in keep net,  lost ( 4 )  1 I played for  good 20 min stretched my elastic everywhere and as I went to net it – pop went my hook but looked well over 10 pound lost 3 more but great day lots of carp movement today aswell regard David Beston

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