We have had some cracking days with massive hatches of fly’s which have caused the fish to go into a feeding frenzy. There has been so many anglers catching huge bags of fish over the last couple of weeks, it made it very difficult to tally the top rods. We had many anglers catching well into the high teens and many more into mid teens but the top rods are as follows:

G Appleby 50 trout (yes fifty not a miss type) caught all on Dry’s

B Dawson 29 Trout Caught on his own tied Dry’s

O Garrett 28 Trout Fly’s not recorded

N Bryant 26 Trout caught on Buzzers and Dry’s

I Wardrew 23 Trout caught on Blue Dry Damsel and Gnat

P Blenkin 22 Trout caught on CDC , Buzzer and Damsels

T Colin 21 Trout caught on Small Dry’s and Blobs

P Taylor and L Gratin both had 19 Trout caught on Blue Hopper, Green, White and Yellow Shammy

C Pope, S Baker and B Dawson all had 18 Trout caught on Buzzers Daddies CDC, Nymphs Black Hopper

Yes a cracking couple of weeks, Don’t just take my word for it come up and check out the trout book for yourself and why not wet a line and try ¬†and beet these numbers while the fishing is so good.



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