We have had some of the best fishing an angler could ask for over the last couple of weeks. Almost every pattern you could try had success. Our dry fly enthusiasts have had an exceptional time, small dries twitched across the top have produced explosive takes and memorable fights. Top dry fly has been small CDC’s, then klinkhammers with anything in olive after that. Daddies are now starting to show in numbers so that should be our fly in the next couple of weeks. Top rods as follows: Brian Dawson with 36 fish plus a couple of sessions with 28 and more in top 20’s. I Warden 30 trout. R Barren 29 with another visit producing 28. B Baras 28. R Barron 23. A Taylor 22. A McPhail 21. S Baker 20 plus lots of anglers in the hi teens. Look at the sign in book when you come to fish and see what the fly of the moment is for a guide. Lots of new big trout which were recently stocked are now on the prowl and are hungry, especially the big blues.

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